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Olivia Knight and Kelly Hadfield will be overseeing the equipment donations to our partner hospitals with a crew of Rotarians who were responsible for us getting the grant to acquire the equipment.

HannahBro (Dr. Hannah Brotherstone) will be on the ground investigating how GMH can create a route for health care professionals to volunteer in our partner hospitals.

Hazel Vint will be leading a crew of awesome medical students on our 6 week medical elective program in Navrongo and Bongo Hospitals.

Dr. Dominic Akaateba will be running the 2nd education workshop in 2015 for our Upper East Regional GMH Ambassadors :)))

And Curtis Comeau, an amazing photographer, will be there for a week taking photos to create a high class photography exhibit on GMH (funded by Getty Images), ready to be featured in late Fall.

It’s going to be an amazing summer! Expect some exciting updates!