Nurse in Bongo District Hospital, Female and Pediatric Ward

March 14, 2016

How It Works:

At the end of our financial year at August 31st, we will determine if our respective cryptocurrency holdings have increased in value (compared to the Canadian dollar). If so, we will withdraw 20% of the increase in value to put towards operating costs of that year.

For example, if our holdings increase by $100 in the year, we will withdraw $20 worth of that increase for operating costs that year. If our holdings don’t increase in value that year we won’t withdraw anything.


  • This approach allows us to invest in the long term growth of cryptocurrencies, while continuing to use the proceeds to support the core Ghana Medical Help mission.
  • It supports our goal of financial sustainability.
  • This fund demonstrates the extensive capability of cryptocurrency and may serve as a model for others to emulate in the future.
  • It allows the possibility in the future of spending cryptocurrency directly on goods/services rather than converting to another currency first.


Check our Bitcoin Fund Balances:


Check our Dogecoin Fund Balances:


Here is a graph of bitcoin and dogecoin donations over time (measured in dogecoin):


January 27, 2016: Here’s a more updated graph of dogecoin donations and value from

If you’d like to add to our endowment fund, you can donate today.

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