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All donations go towards  sustainably advancing the front line primary health care services available in Northern Ghana and improving the capacity of community  health care professionals. When donating to Ghana Medical Help, you are investing in rural global health. GO!

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YOU have the ability to create positive change for the millions of lives in Northern Ghana unable to receive adequate health care. Ghana Medical Help offers individuals and groups the opportunities to create that change. We are always looking for new volunteers to help gather medical supplies, network, fundraise, and contribute to our diverse operations. GO!

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For Individuals
Ghana Medical Help conducts quarterly research assessments in each partner hospital to determine the most needed medical equipment. See this list here. Can you help us to acquire these items? GO!

For Hospitals and Clinics
Ghana Medical Help gratefully welcomes both one-time and sustained donations from medical facilities throughout North America. If you have access to items included on our target equipment list, we encourage you to participate in our Equipment Recovery Program. GO!

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Invest in rural global health and make a life changing difference for millions of lives. Help us to tackle the barriers obstructing adequate health care delivery in Northern Ghana by participating in our sponsorship programs. GO!

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Air Miles

Support GMH air travel expenses at no cost to you! Simply print our Air Miles card and use it on all of your purchases. GO!