Not only does this hospital have the largest pediatric ward with the greatest number of deliveries each year (1000-2000/year), but Navrongo District Hospital is particularly unique due to maintaining a pediatric research centre that focuses largely on pediatric vaccinations. And yet this hospital still lacks basic infant and pediatric medical care equipment.

District Characteristics

location: 10.535, -1.525
population hospital serves: 185,000
endemic medical conditions: malaria, meningitis, HIV, malnutrition, chronic infections

Hospital Characteristics

doctors on staff: 2
doctor specialization: General Practitioner and Pediatrician
specialized facilities: ENT, ophthalmic, dental, psychiatric, retroviral, pediatric research centre

Medical Equipment Needed:
– BP apparatus’
– pulse oximeters
– nebulizers
– exam screens
– thermometers – electronic and digital – plus probe covers
– oxygen concentrator
– infant weighing scale
– galipots
– aprons
– sonicaid
– otoscope specs
– pediatric ambu bags

The GMH effect:

– the equipment has been a huge source of relief and morale for the staff
– the donated ambu bags specifically have been an enormous help and have saved many children’s lives
– the quality in management of critically ill patients has significantly improved