Mission Statement

Ghana Medical Help is committed to sustainably advancing the quality and availability of basic health care in northern Ghana for 2 million people.



Our Roots

Ghana Medical Help emerged in July of 2010 to alleviate the immense lack of primary care equipment resources in the Builsa District Hospital that were enabling frequent preventable mortalities. It was at this time that Kelly Hadfield, our founder, witnessed the injustice to human life that resulted in these communities from limited resources (human and equipment), poor funding, geographic isolation, high staff turnover, and a lack of culturally safe care.



Our Partners

The operations of Ghana Medical Help could not function without the generosity of its partners across North America and Ghana, which consist of medical equipment manufacturers and distributors, charitable organizations, individual donors, hospitals, community service clubs, and Ghana Health Services. These partners enable us to purchase, collect, ship overseas, and deliver medical aid each year.




The Ghana Medical Help team is composed of skilled, innovative, and passionate volunteers from across North America, Ghana and the UK. Tackling the major barriers to health care in northern Ghana, we work tirelessly together to acquire and provide the most needed equipment resources, develop comprehensive training programs for staff, conduct on-site assessment research quarterly, and fundraise.


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