• Up to 30% more patients can be seen every day – that’s 300 patients more a day able to receive medical treatment!
  • Positively influenced the lack of human resources in addition to the lack of medical equipment resources
  • Boosted hospital staff morale due to increased job satisfaction, as they more accurately and efficiently are able to provide medical diagnoses and patient care and become motivated from the successful results
  • Significant decrease in mortalities across all hospitals due to the presence and accuracy of the donated equipment, which has given them the newfound ability to accurately monitor patients and has improved the quality in management of critically ill patients
  • All partner hospitals are now able to treat and monitor pediatric and infant patients – never before have these hospitals been able to take the blood pressure or listen to the heart of any patient under 10. Now, every one can. Amazing!

By directly targeting the lack of medical equipment resources, Ghana Medical Help has indirectly been having a positive influence on the lack of human resources!

With adequate equipment present there has been a huge boost in morale, as the hospital staffs are able to accomplish their jobs more effectively, feel more satisfied with their work, and learn additional skills. This in turn significantly has increased the patient care and willingness of the staff to stay and work in these areas.

In combination with this, we have been positively influencing the flow of Ghanaian doctors to these northern rural areas by working directly with upper year Ghanaian medical students originally from the north and getting them involved and invested in our on-ground operations and invested in working in the northern communities.

Reports by Ghana Doctors

External Evaluations

Data Analysis

Our Data Team is hard at work crunching the numbers from the data we’ve collected so that we can:

  • Plan future operations and make informed decisions.
  • Calculate the effect we’ve had on health in northern Ghana.

More information is coming soon.