The ultimate goal of Ghana Medical Help is to develop a sustainable model that can be used globally to advance the delivery of healthcare in developing countries.

Self-sustainability is essential for creating the lasting impact we strive to make. To date, the hospitals rely each year on Ghana Medical Help raising the funds to purchase and ship the targeted medical equipment. By developing a sustainable model we will alleviate this dependency our partner hospitals have on us.

How can we do this?

By developing semi-autonomous units for our partner hospitals, which will generate constant revenue that can be turned back into the hospital to meet its needs. Such developments have had great success in northern Ghanaian hospitals. One such example is the Bawku District Hospital, which maintains a semi-autonomous eye clinic that produces and sells eye drops and glasses to generate the funds to meet the needs of the hospital. As a result, the Bawku District Hospital is the finest in the Upper East Region and is able to adequately meet the medical needs of the surrounding community.

By 2015, Ghana Medical Help aims to have extensively researched and funded these semi-autonomous hospital developments. In this way, the hospitals will have alleviated their dependency on Ghana Medical Help to annually generate the funds to purchase and ship their needed equipment.